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A silky,button up blouse is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe-particularly if you dress for the office every day. Although the button up is incredibly versatile, it’s easy to get stuck in a styling rut with it! If you are only pairing your silk blouse with the traditional trouser or pencil skirt, this post is for YOU! I love getting creative with traditional pieces and doing something funky and unexpected with them. To show you three chic ways to take your button up to the next level, I started with one of my favorites: a silky vintage olive green button up with a tri-fold, black lined collar. You can use any of the blouses in your closet to create these looks, but think about choosing one in a fun color or unique detail. Love the on win this post? It is available for purchase in the Tan Candy vintage shop HERE. Enjoy!





For a unique twist on the traditional work “fit”, rock your button up underneath a simple dress or camisole! I paired mine with a delicate vintage cami dress and cinched it all together with a wide black leather belt. Anytime I’m wearing a collared shirt I try to embellish it in some way. Whether its a tying a bow or rockin’ a bold statement necklace underneath, “dressing” your collar is a great way to make a blouse pop.To accentuate the unique collar on my blouse, I took a pair of gilded rose vintage clip-ons and attached them to each side of the collar. I love the cheekiness of wearing lingerie to the office. To create a stand out look, I like to juxtapose different elements that “shouldn’t” go together: a delicate feminine slip against a bold leather belt, a top for the board room under a dress for the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to take risks with your work wardrobe. Nowadays you really get creative and still be office appropriate.




A button up is likely the last thing you think of when trying to come up with a look to wear out on the town. Again, it’s unexpected-which it exactly what makes it so cool! For my date night/night on the town look, I paired my button up with a sexy fitted metallic mini skirt. Metallics are right on trend for fall, and works as a neutral that pops! When pairing two unlikely colors together like olive and silver, it’s important to visually “tie the two together”. To do this I used a gemstone encrusted pewter necklace underneath the collar of my blouse. It draws in the silver from the skirt into the top creating a cohesive color story. A tailored leather jacket not only keeps ya’ warm on cool Fall evenings, but anchors the outfit and adds just the right touch of “cool girl” swag.




Weekends are for “chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool”. So, though I always want to look chic, on Saturday and Sunday comfort is key. Untuck that button up babe! For this look I kept my blouse buttoned up at the neck so I could deck the collar out (again!) with a chunky, gold, boss chic chain, and let the buttons come “undone” towards the bottom. Ripped to shreds boyfriend jeans and tennies dress the blouse down, and gives the look the undone, relaxed, menswear feel that’s so in right now.


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